Friday, December 9, 2005

I have a mission as a journalist....

I still remember when we declared the death of Tareq Ayoub, our reporter in Baghdad and one of my best friends at 9 o'clock on April 8, 2003. I remember his daughter Fatima and imagining what if me or any of the Aljazeera staff were the target! Everyday I look to my only baby, Mariam, and think about it and about her future and what could happen...linke what happened with Tareq and his daughter. Or like Rashid who was killed in Iraq...

I have been working with Aljazeera for more than 3 years and I work to tell the truth. Along with my collegues, I strive to be credible, neutral and objective. Even with the threats that we face we will not stop doing our jobs. I feel now more than the anytime that I have a mission to do as a Journalist. To get to the truth.

Montaser Marai

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